If archery is a hobby or it's something you enjoy doing in your spare time, then you have come to the right place. No membership is required and we also offer several lounging areas for non-shooters.
Range Rates
  • $11.00 Per Hour

  • $24.00 Day Pass (includes Tech Room)

  • $59.00  Month Pass (includes Workshop)

  • $7 an hour - Kids 12 and Under

Equipment Rates

If you don't have your own equipment or want to try out something new, we offer complete equipment rental for bows and arrows. We also offer lessons to help you improve your skills.


Bow and Arrow Rental is $8.00 per Person

Types of Bows Allowed

Compound         Longbow 

Recurve             Crossbow


Act Now! Memberships cost $180 for first person and $50 for additional family members. Unlimited access to the range to 12-31.

2480 Creekway Dr., Columbus, OH 43207
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