At our archery range you'll find all the targets, obstacles, and challenges you are looking for. Whether you are just learning how to shoot or need to improve your skills for hunting, you'll find what you need right here. 
Our experienced instructors have extensive knowledge in the sport of archery. They are NASP, USA Archer, JOAD, IBO, ASA and NFAA Certified, and teach the 11 Steps of Archery to every student.
Private one-on-one lessons may be scheduled and are one hour long. Lessons may be purchased individually or in a package.
Archery Range


Our archery range can be set up for people of all levels. From elevated targets to long-shot targets, you'll find the challenge you want!



Birthday parties

Corporate events

Advanced techniques

Beginners to advanced



You don't have to be a seasoned archer to enjoy our range. We offer lessons for beginners and even equipment rental so you can learn which type of bow works best for you. Kids are welcome too!

Beginner Lesson
  • Bow rentals $ 7
  • 1 lessons $35

  • 3 lessons $89

  • 6 lessons $178